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Online Appraisals

$50 per item / $25 For each additional item

We have the ability to provide the current, accurate Replacement Value (Insurance) and Fair Market Value (Donation) of an item or items from a detailed description and picture (digital or mailed). By providing the item information to us, you eliminate the charge for travel, examination and documentation. You will have reduced our appraisal tasks to identification, research, valuation and report preparation. Thus, the remote appraisal fee is much less expensive compared to the cost of a “hands-on” examination by a local accredited appraiser.

Certified Appraisal Report

We will mail the typed, signed certified appraisal report within 5 days of receiving your item information and payment in the form of cash, check or electronic payment with PayPal. To view a sample copy of our appraisal report click Sample Appraisal Report. If we are unable to accurately appraise an item from the information you provide, we will contact you for additional information of classification.


Online Appraisal Form:

Please fill out the following form to request an online appraisal. You can attach an image of the item you would like appraised. Please provide as much information you know about the items you would like appraised - full descriptions (as much as you know), provenance & any markings you see.

Thank you.